The Why Behind The Ways of a Grassroots Coach

The Why Behind The Ways of a Grassroots Coach

When people cast shadows and question or praise your football coaching ability,  do they judge you more on the matches, trophies you’ve won or the effect you’ve had on those people around you?

I guess that comes down to what success means and looks like to the individual, team or club, and then be which means you choose to measure that progression.

Football is probably the most opinionated sport around with the majority of people having enough knowledge of the sport to praise or even criticise what they see in front of them. Criticism is often followed by the phrase “if it was me I’d of done it like this…”

To fully understand what you’ve often witnessed in training or out on the pitches on match days, you’ll need to have an understanding of what the coaches vision is.

Values, beliefs, philosophies, motivations, targets and expectations are a few of many “Buzz” words associated with a coach. But all are just words with out digging into the context behind them.

Let’s take a look at values which I’m a big believer in. My whole life and coaching style is built on values, these are Commitment, Honesty, Enjoyment, Resilience and Respect.. C.H.E.R.R. Just words that we can all relate too, but mean something different to each and everyone one of us. Which is where context is needed, my commitment levels are different to everyone else’s what I’m committed too again without asking for clarification is just a word.

We can all spout words but do these values come to life in the way you are seen by others? Do the people around you understand the context behind them or the players you coach know the levels you expect..?

This is my Coaching why and I’m happy to share my story so far, the context behind the words and the reasons why I do what I do…. Where my journey started, the experiences that have effected my beliefs and my own vision of the beautiful game.

It’s not for the money or the glory, but it certainly is for the Enjoyment!!!

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